Sandstone Public Relations | OUR SERVICES
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Do you have some great news that you want the public to know? We can help! Our team of professional writers and editors are also journalist. We are familiar with the media and know how to craft your story to ensure it gets “out there” in a positive, consistent and credible manner.


Our team has built relationships with the media and we coordinate directly with people responsible for producing news. Our team will work with you to identify your key messages, help you strategize to meet your objectives, and help train a spokesperson within your organization.


Do you have something to say but can’t find the right words? Our team can help! Our experienced team of professional writers, editors, and copywriters can help you craft your message to a targeted audience to be used in editorial content, calls to action, publications, marketing materials, informational packets, press releases, guest editorials, op-eds, newsletters, websites or blogs. We can also help develop your quarterly and annual reports.


Do you need well-designed marketing materials like brochures or sales presentations to meet your messaging objectives? We can help. Our team of copywriters, graphic designers, and photographers can develop your marketing collateral—brochures, fliers, business cards, banners, presentations, website content, radio scripts, taglines, white papers and quarterly/annual reports. We create, design, layout, photograph, copy write, develop content, edit, and print your materials.


In this day-and-age, everything is going digital. As technology quickly evolves and our primary methods of accessing communications changes—we must adapt. More and more content and news is being delivered via digital platforms. But we are here to help! Our team can help with branding your entity to establish a long-lasting presence and strong foundation. We provide logo creation, tagline creation, graphic design, website design, social media relations and management, and email marketing development.


Do you need help planning your event? We can help! Our team of experienced event planners can assist in planning your event—whether it is a small family gathering, a company party or a large conference. We handle everything from research, event planning, coordination, invitation management, invitation design and copy, and event-related media relations. We also provide emcee/master of ceremony services as well.


Do you have enough community presence or need more outreach? Our team can help your entity, company or agency get “out there” into the community. Whether it may be to address the needs of a community, to disseminate information, organize a public meeting or public hearing—we can help. With your input, our team can help coordinate the building of various partnerships, programs and initiatives. We can help grow meaningful roots deep into your community. Our team also offers training in community relations, customer service, public relations, social media, marketing, government relations and employee relations.


Do you need help communicating your message to your constituents or consumers? We can help! Our team can help your office or organization communicate your platform or message to the public in a strategic and efficient manner.


Do you need help communicating with government officials? We can help! Our team can help you and your organization interact with government, with legislators, interest groups, and the media. We are not lobbyist, but we know the importance of establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with policymakers in local, tribal, county, state and federal governments.


Is your entity in hot water? Do you need to protect and defend your entity? Our team can help you address your situation with a well-thought out crisis communications plan that will ensure you and your entity take appropriate action in a timely fashion to address your situation. Our plan, with your help, can combat crisis and help lessen damage. Crisis management does not always have to be reactionary—it should also consist of proactive and preventative measures long before a crisis occurs.